Galapagos Islands DVD

One of the most unique places to explore on earth, the Galapagos Islands sit right on the equator; 965 kilometers (600 miles) West of Ecuador. Surprisingly, due to the Humboldt currents, these waters are a bit cool. As the cold waters from Antarctica move up the coast of Peru they bring super rich nutrients to the Galapagos Islands, creating a special place for underwater creatures.

This DVD captures huge schools of large fish, including Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks and Spotted Eagle Rays, as well as many other species of sharks and rays. From one of the smallest penguins in South America (the only penguin north of the equator), to one of the largest seahorses in the world, this DVD is filled with unique sights including an awesome clip of young sea lions nursing, and footage of huge moray eels.

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Galapagos Islands
Length: Approximately 14 minutes
Format: NTSC DVD
Features: DVD commentary, soundtrack and fish ID
Price: $24.99USD

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